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  1. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    It finally happened! Frick’n Deer… After a full day of Crabbing last weekend, I was on my way home at about 7:30pm traveling at 60+ mph on the freeway, when a full grown male Mule Deer jumped out onto the freeway. All I had time to do was hold onto the steering wheel. There was a car next to me...
  2. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Just purchased two weeks ago and have already started adding to it. BAK MX4 cover, Aries Switchblade Headache Rack, and ABS Vent Visors.
  3. RAM Rebel Purchasing
    Hey all, new member to the forum and am really enjoying the site so far... looking to buy a Rebel by the end of the year, but I’ve heard talks of RAM releasing 2018 Rebels with an ecodiesel option. Definitely want a diesel if i can get one but I can’t find any hard evidence to back that up. Does...
1-3 of 3 Results