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  1. RAM Rebel Lighting
    Driving Lights The Driving Lights flash amber with the signals Bumper Light bar Spot/Flood Nice and Bright Phase 2 will add two more switches and two more sets of lights
  2. RAM Rebel Electrical
    Panduit mounted Painted and clear coated to match the truck Distribution Terminal Block Mounted Finally received the two fuse Bus blocks Made labels for all the busses and terminal blocks Made all my wire labels Went to the store today and bought all the heat shrink and disconnects On a...
  3. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    We decided to go camping this year. Well, it’s more glamming then camping, what with our Jayco and all. We were able to get our favorite spot near Capitola over looking Monterey Bay California It rained on us Christmas Eve, but the day we arrived and on Christmas Day, we couldn’t have ask for...
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    I finally got my High Lift Jack mounted on my bed basket
  5. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Getting the truck ready for camping, so it’s time to refurbish my old Roof Basket. I’m attaching Unistrut rails to the underside of the bed rails And then I’m using Unistrut for the cross bars to mount the Basket to. But everything is bedlined first Next is mounting it all up
1-5 of 5 Results