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2019 rebel

  1. Cold air intake

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Has anyone installed the afe magnum force cold air intake on their 2019 rebel? Haven’t seen many reviews. But they claim an increase of 23hp and 32 foot pounds torque
  2. Debadged

    RAM Rebel Purchasing
    Has any one debadged their 2019 rebel? Been thing about debadging my tuck. Any thoughts?
  3. Rebel Wall decor

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    So I recently got my a 2019 Ram Rebel and wanted something for my garage. So I fever to build me a wall decor with the Rebel name on it. This is how it looks without the lights. As soon as I get in the LEDs I’ll be installing them and showing it to you all.
  4. Factory ordered Rebel 12

    New member from the Hudson Valley of NY. Longtime Mopar guy. Started in the 80's with a 73 Dart, then an 86 Dodge 600 Turbo ( the fanciest K Car Chrysler put out, lol), a 04 Wrangler Rocky Mountain Edition, a 10 factory ordered Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, a 14 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon X and...