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  1. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    It finally happened! Frick’n Deer… After a full day of Crabbing last weekend, I was on my way home at about 7:30pm traveling at 60+ mph on the freeway, when a full grown male Mule Deer jumped out onto the freeway. All I had time to do was hold onto the steering wheel. There was a car next to me...
  2. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    Hello all, I’ve got a 2019 ram rebel, couple weeks ago it was my first time using 4x4 (Florida truck) in the North Carolina mountains when I noticed that on wet pavement my truck seems like it’s in a bind when in 4WD high. My axle lock is not engaged and what’s strange is that from park when...
  3. RAM Rebel Accessories
    I finally got my High Lift Jack mounted on my bed basket
  4. RAM Rebel Powertrain
    Just an bit of info, for those that don't know. When in 4WD Lock if you only press the Traction Control button once it does not fully turn it off, it partially does, it will turn the Rev limiting off when it slips, but will still break for you. After putting your truck in 4WD Lock, come to a...
  5. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Just got my 2017 rebel in time for a northeast snow storm...I'm new to the Ram/Dodge family. So for I am very pleased.
1-5 of 5 Results