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  1. RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    I am about to convert the air suspension to airdelete.com products. Just curious as to how your ride felt after the conversion. I love the idea of the air suspension, but not the problems I've been having, and definitely not the price of a new compressor and ASCM module.
  2. RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    I recently bought a 2016 rebel and want to lift it, preferably a 6 inch. I've seen a lot of guys go with BDS but I want to know what other lifts people have done. Is it better to get a kit that keeps the air ride or just delete it and go with something else?
  3. RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    Hi everyone I seek your help I have 2019 rebel 5th Gen with air suspension that is makes me crazy, every year one or two of the suspension fail down I want to convert the all system by regular coils and shocks suspension what should I do to convert It?
  4. RAM Rebel News
    I got my 2018 Ram Rebel at the end of 2017 in the Mojave tan color and have loved it ever since. The Hemi is phenomenally responsive and the off-road capabilities are exactly what I need, which is nothing too intense to begin with. To start me journey, I should probably describe what I did to...
  5. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    For everyone that has had “challenges” with your FCA dealership or with FCA “Customer Service” related to failing air suspensions on your RAM Rebel or other Dodge/RAM 1500 series, here’s my story and my solutions (because neither your dealership nor FCA is going to help you). Dealership tells...
1-5 of 5 Results