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  1. Suspect Air suspension strut failure

    RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    So I bought my Rebel in May of 2016 new and have about 164000 miles on it. I did have an issue with the typical broken studs on the manifolds, but got those fixed. Since then, everything has been running great. I'm on my third set of Toyos, averaging about 65k miles per set. I noted some...
  2. Ram Rebel 2020 BDS Lift Kit compatibility

    RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    Hey everyone, I'm a new Ram Rebel owner and have some questions regarding lifting my new truck. Does anyone have any insight on a lift compatible with the 2020 air ride system? I know that BDS makes a lift kit that works for the 2019 air ride suspension but I can't find anything on their site...
  3. Air Suspension

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, this is the second time this has happened... riding to work and the left rear suspension (only left rear)sinks way down to about the entry/exit height during travel. Once I get to work and then come back out for lunch it resets itself to aero mode once truck is started. I decided...
  4. Air Suspension Problems - Cold Weather Failure/My solution

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    For everyone that has had “challenges” with your FCA dealership or with FCA “Customer Service” related to failing air suspensions on your RAM Rebel or other Dodge/RAM 1500 series, here’s my story and my solutions (because neither your dealership nor FCA is going to help you). Dealership tells...

    RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    Good afternoon, Recently, I had issues with my Rebel leaning to the left. It was nearly 2" lower than the right. I brought it into dealership to complain, they tried to fix it and had my truck for over three weeks. They called and said it was done, so I picked it up and they told me they got...
  6. Air release

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    So I was standing outside my rebel last night and it sounded like it was releasing air kinda like a compressor sounds when you drain it lasted for about 2 seconds. Just wondering if it’s normal or anyone else experienced this happening
  7. Ram Rebel Ground Clearance Measurement

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    How high can the Rebel go?
  8. Rebel at Full Height

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    My crude way of measuring the Rebel's height!
  9. Ram Rebel Air Suspension Demo

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Quick video of the Rebel's air suspension in action!
  10. Does The ram Rebel Even Haul

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    ...Or is it just a pretty face!!??