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  1. Black out project almost done

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Just thought I'd share a couple pics of my progress so far. I chose the granite color just so the black accents would pop a bit, and I'm loving it so far. Post what you've done as well :) List of truck updates: - Blacked out grille "RAM" and skid plate - Blacked out the chrome wheels -...
  2. Blackout project underway

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    I love my Granite Rebel, but I always thought the light grey lettering and skid plate would look better darker. I think RAM missed the mark a bit by not doing this themselves. Let me know what you think of the new look and post any pics you have of updated details like this. Before After
  3. Seat Covers

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    Ok so I may be treading in blasphemous waters here, and while I am in love with the Rebel upholstery and it is one of the main topics of discussion when I show off my Rebel, I work construction. I'm hell on interiors and anything I can do to protect them for the time being, I'm Gunna do. These...