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  1. RAM Rebel Performance
    Hi All - I have been reading this forum for about a month now and bought a 2017 Ram Rebel about 3 weeks ago. I promptly installed a K&N CAI on it and went for a 1600+ mile trip (Maryland to Illinois and back). The K&N made it sound awesome but the sound got somewhat annoying going through the...
  2. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Hey guys, Had my Rebel for about 4 months now and I am wanting to get a cold air intake in the near future. I love the idea of a ram air hood to assist the intake, but I have no definitive proof that the cost is worth it. I see some posts about the Mopar route. Any thoughts or proof that...
  3. RAM Rebel Performance
    Anyone have the pair of these installed and what are the performance benefits? Or are the just the ones listed by the Mopar sales team accurate? Also how is the sound? Does anyone have any videos?
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Any thoughts between the 2? Also if K&N, what's the difference between the 63 & 77? I can't tell if there is one. Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results