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  1. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    I’ve always like the Rebel’s grille design, but one thing I have liked more is the way the rams look with a full open grille. I finally found a company that makes one for the rebel that didn’t break the bank, thanks Ebay I’m considering adding something behind the grille like some heavy...
  2. RAM Rebel Lighting
    Driving Lights The Driving Lights flash amber with the signals Bumper Light bar Spot/Flood Nice and Bright Phase 2 will add two more switches and two more sets of lights
  3. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Getting the truck ready for camping, so it’s time to refurbish my old Roof Basket. I’m attaching Unistrut rails to the underside of the bed rails And then I’m using Unistrut for the cross bars to mount the Basket to. But everything is bedlined first Next is mounting it all up
  4. RAM Rebel Appearance
    Update! WINCH Version now available! Original Post: Designed Rebel Specific bumpers. The goal was to stick tight to the body and grill lines, retain the LED Fog lighting assemblies, add sleek locations for additional LED lighting, and keep the styling aggressive while still providing...
1-4 of 4 Results