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  1. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    I've owned my 2020 rebel for a month. The tailgate isn't staying aligned right. It wants to keep shifting toward the passenger side. And it gets to the point you cant shut the tailgate without shoving it forcefully toward the drivers side. Youll then here a pop like something fell in place...
  2. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    So I made two years with my rebel last Wednesday.. I have 67k miles on her. Realistically I haven’t had any issues of note. Until about 1500 miles ago it started vibrating under breaking. 90% of the time that is the sign of warped rotors. Typically it’s just the fronts. I decided to go ahead...
  3. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    I just purchased a 2016 Rebel and feel like I got had at the dealership. I wasn't in the market for a new vehicle so I ha no prior knowledge of Rebels and what they included. In face the first time I saw one was the day I bought one. I know.....bad on me for not doing my research but I...
1-3 of 3 Results