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  1. RAM Rebel Lighting
    I have gone around in circles googling headlights for my 2015. The burnt bulb I pulled out is a 9012 halogen, but having bought the truck used a couple years ago, I can't be sure it's the OEM format. In trying to confirm what is the OEM format, I think there is a lot of...
  2. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Hey everyone, New owner of a 2017 Rebel. Two months in and love it, up here in Maine. Looking for some help with mounting options for light pods specifically. Looking to put 3-4 on the front bumper below the RAM grille lettering. Wasn’t sure if there was a mounting bar (NFab or similar) that...
  3. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Rough country 30” black series w/ DRL amber
  4. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Hey guys, new to the forum, but have owned 3 Ram's 06 Ram 1500 Big Horn 11 Ram 1500 Big Horn and now 14 Ram 1500 Big Horn. Made the decision back from Detroit reveal that a white Rebel is in my future (lease on 14' is coming up) My question is, have you guys noticed the most recent batch of...
1-4 of 4 Results