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  1. Phase 2 of 4 for Lighting done...Phase 3 Started

    RAM Rebel Lighting
    Driving Lights The Driving Lights flash amber with the signals Bumper Light bar Spot/Flood Nice and Bright Phase 2 will add two more switches and two more sets of lights
  2. New Project... custom switches, power back pan, and a couple of lights

    RAM Rebel Electrical
    Panduit mounted Painted and clear coated to match the truck Distribution Terminal Block Mounted Finally received the two fuse Bus blocks Made labels for all the busses and terminal blocks Made all my wire labels Went to the store today and bought all the heat shrink and disconnects On a...
  3. Crackin4 2016 Ram Rebel Build (thoughts, ideas, recommendations, questions)

    RAM Rebel Builds
    I have decided to start a Build thread for my 2016 Ram Rebel, purchased in Nov 2015. Feel free to comment as you like but please respect others ideas, choices and taste. I am open to and will be looking for advice from time time. I am avid vehicle "collector" and love to mod and do almost all...
  4. Aftermarket tail lights

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    Just curious if anyone has ventured into ordering and installing aftermarket tail lights for their rebel? I don't mind the OEM LEDs, but I'd like something darker to match my truck a bit more, and I want to avoid self tinting. I see a lot of options out there, but I don't know what is truly...
  5. LED Hood Scoop Lights *UPDATED Again*

    RAM Rebel Lighting
    Just added these LEDs to my Hood Scoops today. Have white ones for my running lights and will be getting Amber ones for my signals soon. Waiting on VisionX to make the amber ones, if they actually will. Vision X HIL-SLW Blue White LED With 3 Foot Cord - Pack of 4 these are the LEDs I used(got...