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  1. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    So I got the message my passenger side brake like was out but it is working fine. I got to noticing that it is just not illuminating when I’m in park lights are on at night without my foot on the brake. The driver side works great as should. I checked for fuses and none of them said anything...
  2. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Hey guys! New to the forum! Just purchased a 2021 rebel today and noticed a small led light is always on between the map lights. No buttons seem to shut it off and it stays on without any other lights on. Any idea what this is? I’ll try to get pics tomorrow. Thanks for the help!
  3. RAM Rebel Lighting
    Looking for after market headlight assembly recommendations for a 2017 Rebel. I assume Mopar charges $155 more for a driver's-side headlight assembly than a passenger's-side since that side is probably more frequently involved in collisions based on the orientation of US roads; but, I can't...
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Rebel Rabble Rousers, I just recently saw the Rebel TRX concept truck. Some parts cool, others a bit much. One thing that really squeaked my rubber ducky was the fog lamps. On my '16 Rebel, there is one light on each side; on the concept Rebel, there are three on each side. From the looks of...
  5. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Rebel in the dark (lights):
  6. RAM Rebel How-To's and Guides
    Here we can keep a running list of OWN part #s and questions. Here is a starter list provided by a fellow member. If you have items you'd like added or see something that needs correction please message me and I will be happy to work to make this list useable to all. This is just in the...
1-6 of 6 Results