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  1. Flowmaster outlaw direct fit muffler

    I am selling my flowmaster outlaw direct fit muffler part# 817846 I paid 350 for this kit. It was installed on my truck for less than 200 miles before my wife bitched my head off to remove it. So I am selling it to keep the wife happy, truck sounded great but towing our horse trailer through the...
  2. New Thrush Welded Muffler on 2016 Rebel

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    Exactly as the title says. Thrush Welded Muffler. Had this same setup on my 2013 Sport and loved it for the price. Was $260Cad installed.
  3. Carven competitor vid

    RAM Rebel Performance
    This is a start up... I will make another post with more sound. After day one I'm loving this exhaust... It is loud though.. Can't upload the video.. Any help
  4. For Sale Carven performance muffler kit

    Selling a Carven progressive series direct fit exhaust kit. They direct fit any 09-17 Ram 1500. Got this guy brand new last week. Installed it yesterday. It sounds amazing but unfortunately my fiancé hates it so I'm taking it off tomorrow :( My loss is your gain. I maybe drove 3 miles with it...
  5. Carven or Flowmaster or other?

    RAM Rebel Performance
    Exhaust Kits - Products I am interested in a direct fit muffler for my rebel. I had some previous experience with a Flowmaster Super 44 (not direct fit) on a 2012 Ram 1500. I ran the previous truck with a generic universal super 44 with resonators deleted. It sounded great, with minimal drone...