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  1. 2018 Rebel

    Just got the 2018 Rebel two weeks ago to replace my outgoing F150. Live in northern Wisconsin and interested to how it does in winter. Will post some pics of the items I've added in the Ram Rebel Pictures and Videos Thread.
  2. New CO Rebel

    Howdy, The wife actually wanted to go out and get this, so it's brand new to us as of Friday. I've never owned anything new or worth more than 7k for that matter so I'm excited yet nervous for the bill, but I'm loving every mile driven. We live in northern Colorado, and I can't wait to take...
  3. New Rebel from Dallas, TX

    Hello guys Not necessarily a new Rebel I got it about a month ago and not exactly new to the forum either I've been indulging my self with the wealth of information you guys share. Glad to finally be part of crew!!