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  1. RAM Rebel Electrical
    Hey guys I just bought my first dodge rebel. It's a 2017 with 65k miles. But it does NOT have the alpine upgrade... Looking for suggestions on what I could do to jazz up the stereo? Maybe some new door speakers that are spec'ed to the non alpine system. Or will I need to put in a amplifier? Easy...
  2. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    First, my automatic forward collision turned off for no reason and is defective (it turns off and on throughout the day), according to the dealership (that was 7 days ago), now my controls to change the radio station on my steering wheel don't work. The volume controls work just fine. I paid...
  3. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    Brought my Rebel in to th dealer for a few fix's this past week (head light fogging, driver seat lumbar steel poking in the back,excessive fuel consumption while towing). Yes laundry list of problems but the one that gets me I that they told m there is an update for the radio. So they install...
1-3 of 3 Results