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  1. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Hello! This is my first post as I recently bought a 2017 Ram Rebel. I love the truck (when everything is working). It's been a rough few months with electrical issues and a manifold bolt (all covered under warranty). I'm wondering about selling it and leasing a new one instead. I've also...
  2. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    2016 Ram Rebel, 32,500 miles. BDS lift with fox coilovers set at 7” and rear lift 4”. ProComp 4” HIDs, KC daylighters and a 20” light bar. Core 4x4 control arms. K&N Blackhawk CAI. BBK shorty headers leading into flowmaster flowFX muffler. Diablosport T2 tuner. Etc, etc, etc.
  3. RAM Rebel Accessories
    I recently put in a K&N Cold Air Intake as well as a Flowmaster exhaust into my 2017 Rebel. Was really hopping for better MPG but so far haven’t experienced any better MPG. I’ve been driving it now for about a week. Any thoughts on this? Or how to better my MPGs?
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    So I recently got my a 2019 Ram Rebel and wanted something for my garage. So I fever to build me a wall decor with the Rebel name on it. This is how it looks without the lights. As soon as I get in the LEDs I’ll be installing them and showing it to you all.
  5. RAM Rebel Builds
    I've made a few changes since purchasing the truck, November 2017 so I figured it was time to create a build post. This truck needs to do three things well. Chase Vehicle - My wife is an ultra-marathoner. During a 100 mile race, she will need food, hydration, meds, medical and clothes. I need...
  6. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    so this happened yesterday, straight to dealer and a new touchscreen on order. Not a good start to my new truck ownership with 260 miles total on the truck.
  7. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Evade Company was established by two siblings who had a dream. Their vision was to overcome the auto showcase everywhere throughout the world. Also, today legacy of Dodge siblings is waking up. With the new 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Rebel, Dodge Company will doubtlessly vanquish the truck market. We...
  8. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Thought the Hemi deserved a louder voice. This came in the mail a couple of days ago!
  9. Want to Buy - WTB
    Hey guys. Got in an accident with my 2017 Rebel two weeks ago and need a replacement OE passenger side rear fender flare. If anybody still has them from when they upgraded to after market ones let me know. Willing to pay up to 50 bucks plus shipping.
  10. RAM Rebel Builds
    I have decided to start a Build thread for my 2016 Ram Rebel, purchased in Nov 2015. Feel free to comment as you like but please respect others ideas, choices and taste. I am open to and will be looking for advice from time time. I am avid vehicle "collector" and love to mod and do almost all...
  11. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Just thought I'd share a couple pics of my progress so far. I chose the granite color just so the black accents would pop a bit, and I'm loving it so far. Post what you've done as well :) List of truck updates: - Blacked out grille "RAM" and skid plate - Blacked out the chrome wheels -...
  12. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Selling a Carven progressive series direct fit exhaust kit. They direct fit any 09-17 Ram 1500. Got this guy brand new last week. Installed it yesterday. It sounds amazing but unfortunately my fiancé hates it so I'm taking it off tomorrow :( My loss is your gain. I maybe drove 3 miles with it...
  13. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Had this installed over the weekend. What do you think?
  14. RAM Rebel Appearance
    Finally had a chance to get to the shop and have the graphics I designed laid on. Took us until 2 a.m. to get it all applied. Matte Grey and matte Garnett vinyl are almost exact matches for the interior center dash/console colors.
  15. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    My idea of a real world test...
  16. Buy/Sell/Trade
    2016 Ram Rebel mirrors (both included). Power mirror, power fold, power heat, auto dim driver side, blinker and pud light. Were taken off truck at 300 miles. In perfect shape. $200 obo. Buyer pays shipping Thank you! Robert
1-20 of 42 Results