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  1. Roll Bars (Cab Protector) - With RamBox & Rock & Roll Rollup Cover

    RAM Rebel Appearance
    Could not find this anywhere, but I got my first truck and REALLY wanted roll bars on it. But also love the RamBoxes and I wanted to install a roll-n-lock cover protector. I liked the look of the stock cab protector, so I bought one and then modified it to fit. I think it looks great! I had...
  2. Factory ordered Rebel 12

    New member from the Hudson Valley of NY. Longtime Mopar guy. Started in the 80's with a 73 Dart, then an 86 Dodge 600 Turbo ( the fanciest K Car Chrysler put out, lol), a 04 Wrangler Rocky Mountain Edition, a 10 factory ordered Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon, a 14 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon X and...
  3. RamBox Bed Cover

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    Hey all! Just wanted to put a plug in for the Truxedo LoPro for those of you looking for a bed cover compatible with the RamBox setup. First off, I love the RamBox. I use it almost every day. Perfect for groceries, skateboards, roller blades, helmets, pads- all the stuff you have if you have...