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  1. Introductions
    Hello! This is my first post as I recently bought a 2017 Ram Rebel. I love the truck (when everything is working). It's been a rough few months with electrical issues and a manifold bolt (all covered under warranty). I'm wondering about selling it and leasing a new one instead. I've also...
  2. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Hey guys I have a 2016 ram rebel. Recently a rain storm passed through and my doors began retaining water. I ran my finger across the bottom seal and cleaned between it and the door for the water to flow out. Has anyone removed that seal to let the water freely flow? I don’t wanna remove the...
  3. 2020 Ram Rebel Seattle

    My new Baby
  4. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    I just upgraded from a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. Needless to say this Rebel is amazing. I’m having trouble though. When I try the keyless start, I get a message I can see from the outside of the truck in that says “Keyless entry not setup, set up in settings.” Something like that. Does anyone know...
  5. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    So my 2016 Ram Rebel with 52,800 miles, only 3k miles belonging to me and not the original owner, is literally power thrusting my truck forward every time I come to a complete stop. So this Ram at 7,5k miles had the transmission, and suspension PCM reflashed, reprogrammed, and replaced under...
1-5 of 5 Results