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  1. Newb here! Hello, hi... 2020 Rebel EcoDiesel

    New here! 2020 Rebel EcoDiesel Fuel Offroad Shok 18x9 -12 Wheels Cooper Tires S/T Maxx 35x12.5 Falcon 2.25” Sport Tow/Haul Shock Leveling System Front Runner Outfitters 9 Slat Bed Rack Front Runner Outfitters RTT Crux Moto Fog Light Tint Decked Drawer System 67 Design Series 55 Rail System...
  2. 35's Help!

    RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hey So I'm looking to get 35in tires in March. I have a 2017 Ram Rebel. Still freshly new and Id really like some advice on how to go about issues when I go to get the tires. Looking to get is: BFG All Terrian k02 - 35x12.5x18 Rim: Rockstars series 2 So I've got quoted from a couple of mod...
  3. New Here with 2016 Ram Rebel

    Hi everyone, and thank you for the acceptance to this site ! I am new here, a little background about me: im 25 from Long Island, New York, and just purchased my rebel in June. This has been my dream truck for a while, and also my first truck. Any tips would be amazing, seems like a very...
  4. First long haul w/ trailer & Mountain engine/trans braking?

    RAM Rebel Towing and Hauling
    I have had many trucks through the years, and about 6 months ago I replaced my 2014 2500 with a 2017 REBEL (5.7L, 8 speed, 3.92 4x4, CC, Air Suspension). I have towed a lot, but all usually within 20-30 miles, and never through the mountains. I have driving Pike's Peak and Mt. Washington so I am...
  5. Anyone know where to find Rebel TRX Bed rails?

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    Does anyone know where i can find the bed rails that are on the TRX, or anything similar?
  6. Phase 3 of 4 for Lighting done...Side Marker Lights

    RAM Rebel Lighting
    Driving Lights The Driving Lights flash amber with the signals Bumper Light bar Spot/Flood Nice and Bright Phase 2 will add two more switches and two more sets of lights
  7. Whining noise

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    I have a 2019 rebel that has a whining noise. It used to come and go but now it is constant. Any idea of what it is and if it is normal or needs to be taken in.
  8. Leveling links made the ride too stiff

    RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    One of my favorite features of my Rebel is the air suspension. The ride is great! I love how it feels like i'm floating down the highway in Aero mode. Speed bumps, potholes and curbs are absorbed by the suspension in Normal mode much better than the trucks i've owned. I have leveled three of my...
  9. New Project... custom switches, power back pan, and a couple of lights

    RAM Rebel Electrical
    Panduit mounted Painted and clear coated to match the truck Distribution Terminal Block Mounted Finally received the two fuse Bus blocks Made labels for all the busses and terminal blocks Made all my wire labels Went to the store today and bought all the heat shrink and disconnects On a...
  10. 2017 17" stock rebel rim does not fit spare winch- Any solution?

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Purchased an extra rim and correct tire. Went to replace the stock spare (full size steel but different) and the winch end is too big to fit through the bore (center) of the stock rims. Has anyone worked out a solution for this? (sorry if it has been asked before). Thanks for any help
  11. Mickey Thompson Tires

    RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hey, new to the group and have done a little searching but haven't seen to much information. I was wondering if anyone has put Mickey Thompson MTZ's on their Rebel. I have been looking at them for my 2015 Rebel but I don't know about rubbing and fit. If anyone has any experience post away and...
  12. High Lift Jack Mounted

    RAM Rebel Accessories
    I finally got my High Lift Jack mounted on my bed basket
  13. New Thrush Welded Muffler on 2016 Rebel

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Exactly as the title says. Thrush Welded Muffler. Had this same setup on my 2013 Sport and loved it for the price. Was $260Cad installed.
  14. For Sale 2016 Ram Rebel wheelset

    All four wheels off my 2016 Rebel. Not a scratch on them anywhere! Had them on for about 3,000 miles. Pickup only please, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Lugs included as well as stems. NO tire pressure sensors. Size: 17x8 Lugs: 5 Bolt Pattern: 5.5 Inch Thanks! Will send photos upon request. Robert
  15. WTB Stock Ram Rebel Fender Flare

    Want to Buy - WTB
    Hey guys. Got in an accident with my 2017 Rebel two weeks ago and need a replacement OE passenger side rear fender flare. If anybody still has them from when they upgraded to after market ones let me know. Willing to pay up to 50 bucks plus shipping.
  16. New Ram Rebel Owner from Toronto Canada! EH

    Hello everybody super stoked about my new rebel. I got the Mojave sand package and I am loving this truck already even though I haven't reached 1000kms. Look forward in seeing and posting some cool and informative posts here. I am a window tinter and certified in Ceramic Pro. If you guys have...
  17. For Sale Ram Rebel OEM wheels for sale

    These were taken off of a 2016 ram rebel. One is scuffed but could easily be fixed at an alloy wheel repair shop and would save lots of money in the long run. $700 Obo. Would be willing to sell seperate as replacement wheel
  18. Blackout project underway

    Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    I love my Granite Rebel, but I always thought the light grey lettering and skid plate would look better darker. I think RAM missed the mark a bit by not doing this themselves. Let me know what you think of the new look and post any pics you have of updated details like this. Before After
  19. Ram Rebel wheels for sale $600 obo

    RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    These were taken off of a 2016 ram rebel. Cost $500 a piece from a dealer so this is a good price for all 4. One is scuffed slightly but could easily be fixed at an alloy wheel repair shop and would save lots of money in the long run. Comment if interested. $600. Would also sell individually for...
  20. Got my new 2017 Rebel

    RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Just got my 2017 rebel in time for a northeast snow storm...I'm new to the Ram/Dodge family. So for I am very pleased.