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  1. RAM Rebel Purchasing
    I am looking to buy a 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel with around ~73,000 miles on it. I am coming from the Toyota world and for a Toyota 73,000 is almost considered low miles. If you were to buy a Toyota at 73,000 you could expect at least another good 150,000 miles from it. How does that apply to Ram's...
  2. Tinted Rebel

    No more glare
  3. Red lettering

    Red letter tires
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Today I installed some Rocker Panel Sill Protectors…. And touched up bits of paint.. Ever since I hit a deer there’s been a spot on the passenger rocker panel that the hoove hit and dented the rocker panel… the paint chipped and the area began to rust. so I decided to fix the rust, who wants...
  5. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Another camping trip in the books. Headed out to the Giant Sequoia’s. It was shot, but not as near as hot as right now. my brother joined us on our drive in his Jeep Cherokee my little brother showed up later in his Bighorn we couldn’t have had more beautiful nights
  6. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    What does your Rebel like to do? I just went out fishing and it got me thinkin There’s not a single post just to post picture of our trucks doing what they love to do. So, let’s see them! Here I’ll start… From this weekend Nice thing about using barbless , this little guy goes back no...
  7. RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    Hi everyone I seek your help I have 2019 rebel 5th Gen with air suspension that is makes me crazy, every year one or two of the suspension fail down I want to convert the all system by regular coils and shocks suspension what should I do to convert It?
  8. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Hi I am new here! I work at a Ram dealer and am trying to get better at my walk around videos. I did this video on the new 2022 Ram Rebel GT. This truck is BAD!! Take a look and let me know what you think. All pointers are welcome!
  9. Introductions
    Hi I am new here! I work at a Ram dealer and am trying to get better at my walk around videos. I did this video on the new 2022 Ram Rebel GT. This truck is BAD!! Take a look and let me know what you think. All pointers are welcome!
  10. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    So I got the message my passenger side brake like was out but it is working fine. I got to noticing that it is just not illuminating when I’m in park lights are on at night without my foot on the brake. The driver side works great as should. I checked for fuses and none of them said anything...
  11. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Been looking for a 2”-3” lift kit for my Rebel. It has the air lift suspension but is automatic so doesn’t stay lifted when driving past 15-20MPH. Anyone know of a lift kit that works with the air ride suspension so I don’t have to remove it? Thank you in advance!
  12. RAM Rebel Appearance
    I remember seeing that someone had mounted an after market bumper (not Evil Manufacturing or ADD) on their 2019+ Rebel, and now I can't find it anywhere. I've searched here on this forum, over at 5th gen and even the Rebel Owner's FB page. The guy had posted pictures showing the gap that is left...
  13. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Is there any way to add car play to a 2016 ram rebel?
  14. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Looking to get a new toolbox for my 19’ Rebel. Any ideas of what y’all got that fit the bed perfectly? Preferably looking for a diamond plate and low profile toolbox.
  15. Introductions
    Hey Ya’ll. New member here. Bought my 19’ Ram Rebel a few weeks ago. Loving every minute of it. Cool to be part of this group. First project of mine was putting on some new BFG KO2 tires on it.
  16. Introductions
    New here! 2020 Rebel EcoDiesel Fuel Offroad Shok 18x9 -12 Wheels Cooper Tires S/T Maxx 35x12.5 Falcon 2.25” Sport Tow/Haul Shock Leveling System Front Runner Outfitters 9 Slat Bed Rack Front Runner Outfitters RTT Crux Moto Fog Light Tint Decked Drawer System 67 Design Series 55 Rail System...
  17. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hey So I'm looking to get 35in tires in March. I have a 2017 Ram Rebel. Still freshly new and Id really like some advice on how to go about issues when I go to get the tires. Looking to get is: BFG All Terrian k02 - 35x12.5x18 Rim: Rockstars series 2 So I've got quoted from a couple of mod...
  18. Introductions
    Hi everyone, and thank you for the acceptance to this site ! I am new here, a little background about me: im 25 from Long Island, New York, and just purchased my rebel in June. This has been my dream truck for a while, and also my first truck. Any tips would be amazing, seems like a very...
  19. RAM Rebel Towing and Hauling
    I have had many trucks through the years, and about 6 months ago I replaced my 2014 2500 with a 2017 REBEL (5.7L, 8 speed, 3.92 4x4, CC, Air Suspension). I have towed a lot, but all usually within 20-30 miles, and never through the mountains. I have driving Pike's Peak and Mt. Washington so I am...
1-20 of 81 Results