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  1. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Really happy with my setup, no rubbing issues. 20x9 +1 offset Fuel Vectors with 34 in Ridge Grapplers. Cheers!!
  2. Buy/Sell/Trade
    hi all.. I have OEM Ram Rebel wheel for sale, $189 plus shipping.. Take off from a Rebel with 1500 miles on it. Includes center cap, NO TPMS or lug nuts. Use for a matched spare ( can add the spare to tire rotation), bent rim replacement, pre-runner bed mounted spare PM me if interested... Can...
  3. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    hi all.. I have 3 OEM Ram Rebel wheels for sale, $189 each plus shipping.. Use for your spare wheel, bent rim replacement, etc.. I Bought a set of the OEM ram rebel wheels to get one for my spare, so if off roading and I need a spare, everything matches... PM me if interested Craig
1-3 of 3 Results