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  1. RAM Rebel Suspension- Chassis
    Hey guys, I bought a ‘15 Rebel a couple months ago and have loved it. But the previous owner put lots of toys in it and I’m trying to figure out what is what haha questions: Does this truck have a lift kit? How can I confirm? I want to lift it higher, but I can’t really do anything to it since I...
  2. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    Good afternoon, Recently, I had issues with my Rebel leaning to the left. It was nearly 2" lower than the right. I brought it into dealership to complain, they tried to fix it and had my truck for over three weeks. They called and said it was done, so I picked it up and they told me they got...
  3. RAM Rebel Problems and Issues
    Red 2015 Rebel. At 750km I noticed the suspension 1\2-3\4inches lower on drivers side. Chrysler Canada says it is within allowable limits!!!!! Anyone else have this problem? From this dealership it is the second Rebel to do this.
1-3 of 3 Results