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  1. Introductions
    Hi all, i have just joined the group to share my experience and to learn more about Rebels based on owners' experiences. This is my 2nd Rebel and it has been good overall, but it has been wearing out the tires in most irregular ways since it was delivered to me from the dealership. When i...
  2. Red lettering

    Red letter tires
  3. Want to Buy - WTB
    Looking to buy OEM rims & tires. Willing to travel to pickup for right price & condition
  4. Introductions
    Hey Ya’ll. New member here. Bought my 19’ Ram Rebel a few weeks ago. Loving every minute of it. Cool to be part of this group. First project of mine was putting on some new BFG KO2 tires on it.
  5. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Recently purchased a new 2020 Ram Rebel and I am working on putting together the additions I want to do for the build. Working with a local shop and so far we have ordered the BDS 6" Coilover/lift kit, and I am going to order some new wheels and tires as well to put together everything all at...
  6. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hey So I'm looking to get 35in tires in March. I have a 2017 Ram Rebel. Still freshly new and Id really like some advice on how to go about issues when I go to get the tires. Looking to get is: BFG All Terrian k02 - 35x12.5x18 Rim: Rockstars series 2 So I've got quoted from a couple of mod...
  7. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    So I have a 2015 Rebel 4x4 with the 4 inch BDS I believe. I’m curious which size tires and rims I can get away with ? And also once you put 35s on , what the lowest setting on the lift you can put it on without it rubbing ? Still new to this. Be gentle haha
  8. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    I have a stock 2017 Rebel 4x4 that currently has the 33" Toyo A/T Open Country tires. I am looking for the best possible tire for the snow and ice but still performs well in regular weather since I live in Colorado. I also want to get a larger tire size than the 33" and was wondering what the...
  9. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hey, new to the group and have done a little searching but haven't seen to much information. I was wondering if anyone has put Mickey Thompson MTZ's on their Rebel. I have been looking at them for my 2015 Rebel but I don't know about rubbing and fit. If anyone has any experience post away and...
  10. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    For starters, I’d like to apologize if this post is repeated or in the wrong category. I’ve been reading for a few months since I purchased my rebel. You guys have helped me with a lot of research on products, mods, and my new tire size so thank you. Anyways, i have for sale my stock Rebel...
  11. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Hi guys! Im moving to Red Deer, Alberta, in the next couple of weeks. Looking for advice from any rebel owners on winter tires.. Any recommendations? Chains? Factory tires good enough or should i be thinking about upgrading? currently using the 285/70/17 Toyo Open Country M+S on my 2018 Rebel...
  12. Buy/Sell/Trade
    These were taken off of a 2016 ram rebel. One is scuffed but could easily be fixed at an alloy wheel repair shop and would save lots of money in the long run. $700 Obo. Would be willing to sell seperate as replacement wheel
  13. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    These were taken off of a 2016 ram rebel. Cost $500 a piece from a dealer so this is a good price for all 4. One is scuffed slightly but could easily be fixed at an alloy wheel repair shop and would save lots of money in the long run. Comment if interested. $600. Would also sell individually for...
  14. RAM Rebel Wheels and Tires
    Set of 4 stock rebel rims Rims only. no lugs or center caps. only 5k miles on them, all highway $1000 plus shipping or can come pickup. Located in Northern Massachusetts. Email Me if interested: [email protected]
  15. Ram Rebel Photos and Videos
    Really happy with my setup, no rubbing issues. 20x9 +1 offset Fuel Vectors with 34 in Ridge Grapplers. Cheers!!
  16. Buy/Sell/Trade
    Selling my rims and tires, 3100 miles on them. I had one tire plugged after 300 miles, but other than that all in great shape only city miles. Selling set for $1k +shipping. TPMS not included.Thanks for looking guys, http://i1049.photobucket.com/albums/s398/rangojax/IMG_5806_zps1lz15t2f.jpg...
  17. RAM Rebel How-To's and Guides
    Here we can keep a running list of OWN part #s and questions. Here is a starter list provided by a fellow member. If you have items you'd like added or see something that needs correction please message me and I will be happy to work to make this list useable to all. This is just in the...
1-17 of 17 Results