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  1. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Has anyone built a homemade winch mount behind the bumper similar to the Powerwagon’s winch mount? I wonder what modifications would have to be made to put the Powerwagon winch mount behind the bumper of the Rebel.
  2. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Stoked to say its finally here! Thanks to everyone who called in asking "when are you releasing a kit for the 2019's?!?" Goes live on our website Monday July 29th at 5AM PST. Building off of our extensively proven 15-18 Rebel Kit, we’re stoked to introduce the absolute best in hidden winch...
  3. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Purchased an extra rim and correct tire. Went to replace the stock spare (full size steel but different) and the winch end is too big to fit through the bore (center) of the stock rims. Has anyone worked out a solution for this? (sorry if it has been asked before). Thanks for any help
  4. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Figured I would start an official thread for our Integrated Winch Mount which fits the 2015-2018 Rebels. You can now go online and build your integrated winch mount just how you'd like, just select the add-ons you want and the price will update! Integrated Winch Systems Keep in mind prices...
  5. RAM Rebel Accessories
    Hey guys, I just got a 2018 Rebel and am wondering if anyone knows if a low pro winch will find behind the stock bumper like they do in the Power Wagon. Also, if that does not work I want to add an AEV front bumper replacement with a winch. The front bumper replacement is almost 200 pounds...
  6. RAM Rebel Builds
    Hiya all, I'm going to post as many pics as time will allow. I purchased a Smittybuilt winch to add to my rebel. I also got some accessories, snatch block, 20' double looped 20ton strap, two 1" cleats, a Smittybuilt base frame that will have to be modified and, a few other misc. parts. The...
  7. RAM Rebel General Discussion
    Has anyone found a front bumper/winch system that works with the Rebel?
1-7 of 7 Results