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Hey everyone!
Glad to have found a group like this, there is a pretty decent community for the Cherokee Trailhawk I traded in to aquire my 2017 Rebel, loaded, in Brilliant Crystal Pearl and it looks like there is a good one here too!

My wife and I are located around Maple Ridge, BC, Canada and love adventuring wherever our 4x4 can go!

So my wife and I out grew our little Cherokee. We loved that thing, fell in love with it right away for its handling and 4x4 capability for what it was. Quickly, however, we started taking more gear off the beaten path and even for my own work purposes the TH was running out of space inside. My wife has bad knees and climbing into a truck, even though its only a few times a month, was a serious question to debate (I am the 95% driver and we both go out on weekend, it is rare during the week that she would be in the vehicle at all). When and where we go driving around BC makes it difficult to haul a trailer or camper up in the sticks and rocks, especially if you are in a situation where you ran out of trail and need to turn around lol!

Enter the RAM Rebel. This thing is somewhat of a compromise in all we want to do. It will likely handle our moderate offroad needs just fine, we are not out there crawling too many rocks but we will cross some shallow rivers/water from time to time and handle some mud and deep ruts. It will be slightly too big for some of the trails we like to explore without some scratches so we might have to cut back a bit but it will allow us to get turned around in a pinch on the trail, unlike hauling a trailer at least! The powerful engine and the way trucks handle 4x4 over the TH's 4x4Auto setup should actually out perform what we had in that field. The extra hauling ability is the huge plus for us, carry more gear without the need for a trailer! For work use the extra space will be very welcome as I carry about 7 large tool boxes whenever I want to bring them home from the shop and they did not fit the TH any longer.

Looking forward to reading about everones mods! I already have a few planned my self. Just wondering what we want to do for camping as we used to sleep in the jeep. Might to a bed tent or a canopy or just use the bed for all of our storage and sleep in the cab! Many more options with a truck!

Thanks for having me group!


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