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I apologize if this has been discussed before but I have a couple of questions. I just purchased a 2019 Ram Rebel. I have never owned a truck with this type of suspension, I have 20" rims and tires on my Ram 1500 that I want to swap with these. I feel like the 18's look a little small.

1. Will there be any issues going up to a 20" rim? I have Cooper tires with maybe 8,000 miles on them and I really like the look of my rims better than these stock rims. Is this truck designed to stay on 18" rims for a specific reason? I dont want to effect the performance.

2. I want to lift it but I do not know anything about this suspension and I dont want to mess with the ride because it rides like a caddy. I dont want to spend a TON of money but I am prepared to pay for a lift.

I have until tomorrow to decide this because the dealership has agreed to switch my rims and tires over as part of our deal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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