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2017 Ram Rebel Bumper

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I’m looking for options for an off-road, aggressive looking, front bumper for my 17 Rebel, someone dented my stock bumper and I got 1,500 cash out so I’m looking for some medium to high end to replace the stock one, I also saw an amazon Ronghui brand set that was pretty suite but I’m afraid it’s bad quality and will rust in my Indiana climate. Also saw rough Country’s option but can’t picture it with my mojave sand paint job
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Check bumpersonly.com or just Google ram rebel front bumpers and some add or others will pop out. I saw one from road Armour and has a winch set up and front bull bar and looks really nice and beefy but its running around $1,800 right now I believe.
Avoid Chinese knockoffs & eBay special bumpers unless you don’t mind low quality & thin steel. I would checkout arb if your looking for high quality however they are not cheap!

AmericanTrucks..com has some nice selections
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