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2019 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

The Tundra hasn't changed much since its 2014 refresh, and the non-Pro trims seem to be pushing hard to be the ultimate grandpa trucks.

"Grandpa's here and he says he needs his email fixed"

But the Tundra TRD Pro has long been a welcome entry in the Rebel-class. Except for 2018, when Toyota didn't even bother to make them. The truck now sits on 2.5 inch FOCKY SHOCKIES, and you'll see them easily behind the smallish, conservatively-treaded tires. Of all the challengers in the class, the current TRD Pro most needs aftermarket help for Rebel owners to consider bro-ing with.

Selected specs, according to Toyota:
5.7L i-FORCE V8 @ 381 HP
Automatic Limited-Slip Differential
Blacked out 18-inch BBS wheels
LED headlamps and Rigid Industries fox lamps
Aluminum front skid plate
"TRD-tuned" Fox shocks
Entire rear window rolls down (this is the best reason to own this truck)

- Only three colors: black (the only acceptable one), a particularly weak blue, and a liquid paper white that lacks much in the way of accenting. The ghost-white Tundra lacks in accent coloring (fender flares, bumpers), so it looks like it's missing something, like a face without eyebrows.

- Toyota lists no information about a lift, but the previous TRD Pro Tundras came with a 1" lift over the standard Tundras. It does not appear visually to ride any higher than the other models.

- No steel bumpers from the factory. They've been making essentially the same truck for so long, however, that aftermarket bumpers are about 20 bucks on Alibaba.

- I had to look up the tires online, because Toyota isn't proud enough of them to give any real information about them. The math puts them at 32 inches, but they sure look like 30-31 at the most.

- Skid armor only listed for the front under the bumper.

- The first mod any Toyota truck owner does is removing the chrome grill and replacing it with the Pro grill. Toyota is making a mint off of this scam. Poseurs are easy to spot, though; if there's no stamped "TRD Pro" on the sides of the bed, it's a trap

I'm not saying you can't bro with this truck if you're in a Rebel, because you can, just make sure the guy driving the Tundra has gotten his rig up to speed.

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I was actually looking at the tundra (orange color/only up to 2018). They are well know for being a long lasting beast but boy... it’s that truck outdated in the interior dept. You also get nothing for your monday. For 2018 you get cloth seats, a infotainment system that feels like from 2014, no nice features and $47k plus tag. Of all trucks in the market, I think that one is in the most desperate need of updates.
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