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I bought a used 2020 about a year ago and at a little over 30k miles the starter failed. I noticed over the past several months that when the truck started it makes an unusual "clack"ing sound every once in a while. I had the starter replaced with a Duralast - the OEM starter is on back order.

With the new starter it is still making that "clack"ing sound; however, I am not sure if the two are unrelated.

FYI, I know nothing about trucks or cars, but I love my Rebel and am concerned that a central component has already broken down on a truck that has a little over 30k miles.

1. Any ideas on the "clack"ing sound?
2. Should I replace the Duralast starter with the OEM once it's back in stock?
3. What should my confidence level be moving forward with this truck? I travel a lot with my family and the most important thing for me is reliability.

Thanks so much everyone - any help would be appreciated.

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