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21 Rebel with Irregular tire wear

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Hi all, i have just joined the group to share my experience and to learn more about Rebels based on owners' experiences. This is my 2nd Rebel and it has been good overall, but it has been wearing out the tires in most irregular ways since it was delivered to me from the dealership. When i asked the dealer, the new car management and service department, they have stated that it was inherent to air suspension in all Ram trucks and there is no remedy. Has anyone out there find a solution to this issue?

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What do you mean “ irregular tire wear”? Is it on the inside, outside, or down the middle of the tire?

Down the middle means your tires are over inflated.

if it is both outside and inside wear, but middle looks untouched, typically tires are under inflated

On the outside only or inside only typically means the camber of the wheel is out of wack either negative or positive camber depending

if you have jacked up your front end all the way it can go and didn’t extend the upper control arm, then you can get excessive wear on the inside of the tread, as your camber will be off
And vice versus for dropping it all the way down

But my ‘18 rebel that I have leveling links up front to get rid of the Ram nose down look doesn’t get weird tread wear… I mean there is some but nothing too crazy considering I’m on my second set of tires and bought it in 2018 and I’m at +33k miles… I switched from the stock Yokahama AT’s to Firestone Destination MT2’s
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