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Hey Guys,

As the Title Says, this is my version of the older guys Ram Rebel X.

Basically what you have is a loaded Rebel minus the Rambox and the Sunroof, didn't want those.

Then we did the following

Complete Debadging except of the Ram on the Front & Back
Mopar Cold Air Intake with Mopar Hood Vent Conversion Kit
Mopar Fiberglass Tonneau Cover
Mopar Fender Flares
Mopar Side Steps
Mopar Bead Lock Wheels with the Rings Painted to match the truck

Future Mods will include

Full Window Tint & blacking out the skid plate & muffler tips
Complete Stereo Upgrade retaining the stock Headhunt
Possibly an aftermarket exhaust but honestly if it makes it much louder I'm not interested.

I think the end result is kind of a subdued version of the Rebel X with a lot of the same parts added, I'm happy with how it has turned out so far but I'm always interested in other Rebel Owners opinions.

Thanks for looking

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Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Car Automotive tire
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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