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I have gone around in circles googling headlights for my 2015. The burnt bulb I pulled out is a 9012 halogen, but having bought the truck used a couple years ago, I can't be sure it's the OEM format.

In trying to confirm what is the OEM format, I think there is a lot of misinformation/incorrect information out there. So many web pages directly contradict each other both claiming that "this is what you need", complicated by the fact that at least half of them are "informational" and lead directly to "Buy them right here!"

I'm 90% sure that 9012 Halogens are the factory replacement low beam bulb, but I've also seen that change whether one has projectors or not. Stupid question: How do I know if my lights are "w/projectors" or "w/o projectors"? Even googling that leads in circles, and most often to "Here's how to upgrade to HID or LEDs!!!1"

So, given that 9012 halogens are the OEM bulb (correct me on that if I'm wrong) then 9012 LED bulbs are a compatible fit - but am I going to blind everyone coming toward me? I want bright lights, like we all do, but I don't want to be "that guy" either.

These are compatible, they fit under the dust cover, and they have a collar that rotates so you can orient the LED arrays to aim horizontally inside the housing:

Fahren 9012/HIR2 LED Headlight Bulb

But again, if that's the right format (9012), am I still just going to blind other drivers? Or are they fine to use, with the correct horizontal orientation inside the housing?

Related question for bonus points: What is the difference between 9006 and 9012? Again, all attempts to google something like the standards or specs for the various bulb sizes led to a lot of sales-y information.
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