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Hey guys so I just finished installing the viper 5706v with dball2, directed digital tilt sensor and THarness.

I am a MECP advance installer here in Houston tx so I will show you sort of how it went and how easy/ pain in the ass it was.

First thing is taking everything out of the box and setting up the wires Ima use and shortening the ones I don't need for the install . The cool thing about the Dball2 is in the programming it lets you use your factory fob to unlock and arm the viper system which is a plus if you ever lose the viper remote or it runs out of battery. Another plus is that it can automatically turn on the heated seats and steering wheel and defrosters when the temperature reaches a certain degree(32f/0c, 42f/10c or 12f/-20c)

The install was pretty easy because when you purchase the tharness THCHD3 it becomes a plug and play for the majority of the wiring I only had to harwire and solder about 5 wires total. If you ever stick your hand under the dash the machined metal is very sharp I did get a few cuts under there.

Over all it is very flawless and works very well I have had this system in my old truck and loved it now i love it even more that it integrates with my heated seats and defrosters without additional work on my end.

Thanks for reading


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