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Aftermarket airbags

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How’s it going everyone. New to the forum. Haven’t really seen anything like what I’m about to ask so here it goes. Is it possible to connect after market airbags to the existing air ride compressor and system. I just converted from the air ride system to coils bc of them leaking and causing the rebel lean. I’m just trying to utilize what I already have so the wife doesn’t kill me for spending more money. Haha. Thanks for everyone’s help and input in advance.
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Considering you’ve already replaced the bags with coils, I don’t think it would work just adding aftermarket bags to the existing compressor and plumbing… especially considering nobody has pin-pointed where exactly the fault always lie…. Sometimes people replace the compressor on the stock system and that fixes the issue…. Sometimes it’s the valves…. Sometimes it’s the bags

which is why the guarantee fix is to pull the whole system and replace with springs…

but you can always try and see. Let us know how it goes
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