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Just completed my switch from air suspension to coil suspension, plus have a 6 inch lift now. Was more work that I thought it would be, but was definitely worth it. Had some great help from the users of this forum and it’s much appreciated! The before and after are night and day difference. The ride still feels good to me, yet I’m not that picky as far as ride stiffness, I would say it feels about the same as when I had air suspension. I pretty much followed the way delmonicdevel did his, sorry if I spelled that wrong. For now I’m keeping my stock wheels as I love the look of them and my tires are 315/70-17 mastercrafts for now, would like to have 18s with 37s in the future with possibly a 3 inch body lift to go with my suspension lift, would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions or what u would do differently. Here’s some pics, the only thing it’s missing besides a good cleaning is I haven’t put the light at back on the roof yet, but it’s coming. Forgot to mention, it’s a 2017 rebel with 5.7 hemi 4wd. Any questions feel free to ask, thanks again to the peeps in this forum that helped me accomplish this with as little headache as possible
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