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Got this '16 Rebel 5.7 4x4 w/AirRide used 4 months ago. Came w/ a 4" daystar body lift, and a 4" BDS suspension lift.
Took it playing, threw my suspension so far out of wack, I had to get a new steering box. The inner fender liner got loose and ripped off my passenger front ride height sensor. So, air ride control was intermittent. While I was waiting, I had a shop do a bandaid alignment to get me home (over 1,000miles and I had just destroyed 2 tires the previous 2,000 miles). The did some mechanical foolery (bored out the steering for a custom mechanical offset between the steering gear and the steering wheel). That TOTALLY killed my air ride. No longer did ANYTHING. Stuck in BOTTOMED out mode, but system says its in normal height. (I attributed this to the incongruence between the steering wheel sensor and the rack and pinion sensor.)

Got a brand new suspension sensor, I got a BRAND NEW steering box assembly, new tie rods everything.
I know it'll need an alignment, but the suspension is still out. The battery was disconnected for days, and its still un responsive.

Tie rod to Tie rod new steering. New ride height sensor. What do I need to do?
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