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We decided to go camping this year. Well, it’s more glamming then camping, what with our Jayco and all.

We were able to get our favorite spot near Capitola over looking Monterey Bay California

It rained on us Christmas Eve, but the day we arrived and on Christmas Day, we couldn’t have ask for more beautiful weather
Our view of the Capitola Pier on Christmas morning

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The Truck had no problem hauling all our gear and presents up over the Santa Cruz mountains on highway 17
It’s not a crazy climb, but would have been a struggle with our old Durango and its 5.2L engine

We did bring a mess of battery powered lights, just to make sure we did Christmas right LOL

We also brought some decorations for the daytime.... just to make sure we kept Krampus away

All in all it was a great trip that my kids,wife, and I will forever remember.

I keep trying to talk my wife in trying out a snowy Christmas with the trailer... we’ll see... LoL

For now it’s hard to beat these views
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Nice! Good times i'm sure, beautiful pics, great memories that the family will always treasure and thanks for sharing! That's what life is all about.... get out there and enjoy the beauty of our planet and spending time with family.
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