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Went to the auto show today with two plans in mind.
1)See and sit in a Ram Rebel in person (minus dealership sales pressure)
2)Either take a test drive ( at the auto show you can actually test drive vehicles around town) OR take the Ram Indoor experience obstacle coarse


Did get to see a Granite Gray Rebel in person (god it felt great to get into)
Signed up to test drive (turned it down because when you ask the question "Do you have a 1500 rebel to test drive?" when they say yes they really mean we have a 2016 Laramie Limited...so I turned that down. My wife is awesome tho, she pitched a fit over false advertising after we waited in line to drive a truck for 30 minutes.

Next Ram Indoor obstacle track (where you passenger and some jacko in a "ram" tshirt shows off all the abilities of the truck. THEY DID have a rebel on the coarse (mainly 1500 and 2500's otherwise) and lets everyone guess the ONE truck that wasn't in the rotation for trips around the coarse...8 trucks going in circles and a lonely Red Rebel sitting in the middle all alone...ugh! with no driver.

All in all was nice to see the model and color I wanted in person. Wife liked it too. Now off to the Dealership first week of March to score some sweet AUTO SHOW TIME rebates.
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