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Im running 20x10 wheels with -24 offset with 35/12.5/20 tires.
You ready for this part?? No laughing now...lol
I originally posted a while back that i did the reverse link mod. I was doing it at my work garage when i was putting on the 37's. A co-worker came in shooting the $hit with me and i pulled off all 4 links but some how i ended up putting all 4 back on the way they came off.. lol.
So i drove the truck like that for months thinking i had the link mod done. One day i was under there doing something and i realized that the links were still the way they were from the factory. So this time i switched front to back one side at a time. Put the truck in normal mode and yes she grew. Drove down the rode and stopped in the Cabellas parking lot and changed them back. I didn't even want to drive it the 1 mile back home like that. Terrible ride, bouncy i guess.. yuck.
So anyway i havent been on this forum for a while but needed to stop in and let everyone know that i was mistaken.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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