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Defective Headliner

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Anyone else have problems with their headliner? Mine at just over 3k miles is falling down. It sags all the way around the sunroof opening about 1/2" I can push it back up and it "sticks" for a bit (a few seconds on hot days, a few minutes when cool) and falls right back down. A really annoying rattle is what caused me to even notice it, when I started pushing around to try and find the source. Seems like it is only held up by double sided tape and velcro (unless my dealer wasn't super ethical and tried to hide something, which would NOT be shocking...this has been the worst car buying experience I've ever had).

I took it to another dealer last week (same owner, but closer to my office so I could use the shuttle, since I was told they couldn't provide me with a rental car...even though I just bought the truck a month ago), and after it sitting for 2 days without being looked at after a 7am Monday appointment time, I lost it on them and they finally took it back for 5 minutes to diagnosis it as a "faulty headliner."

So they had to special order the part, no ETA, and the repair involves sending my truck to an outside body shop "over at the Ford dealer" where they will pull my windshield to put the new headliner in...

After cooling down over the past week I started thinking, is this "repair" going to lead to more problems? Or should I just go buy good tape and stick it back up myself?

Really disappointed in this dealership. Lots of shenanigans. This is just the latest. I love the truck, but I'll never recommend this dealer to anyone.
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Just giving everyone an update. I have fought with this issue since I got my truck. The headliner came in, and the service guy really talked me out of doing it, saying that I'd be without my truck for over a week, that I could experience issues with replacing the windshield, that they never quite seat right, etc... He recommended I try to fix it, that it wouldn't void the warranty. I'm pretty handy so I gave it several shots.

The issue was that the headline was seperating from the plastic bracing. THe glue appeared to never had cured. So the velcro was holding just fine, but basically the headliner wasn't being held to it's brace/frame. If you pushed up, you'd feel a tacky hold, but it would separate shortly thereafter.

I tried VHB tape from 3M, as well as Epoxy. Slicing up my knuckles pretty good in the process (the raw metal sheeting in there does not have nice edges, so be carefull if you ever have to get into yours.)

Needless to say, none of these solved the problem. Epoxy worked for about 30 days. Anyway, last time I went in for service, I complained again, and said, I really need them to just replace it. I'm at my wits end. They agreed, and reordered a headliner (the other had been sent back)

So a month went by with no word and I got a call from the parts department telling me my special order parts were in stock and I could pick them up at any time. Hmmm. So called the service advisor and left a message. Then an email. Then another message. After about a month, I called and asked for the manager. Got a voicemail. FInally I got a live advisor, who told me I had to work with my original advisor. I explained I wasn't getting a call back and they assured I would. The advisor did call me back and asked me to bring my truck in the next day (today) Which I did. But he explained they have no loaner cars for warranty work. Obviously with two kids, this didn't work, so I pushed and he said he'd get me a free rental (which he did this morning.)

So now my pride and joy is being ripped apart at a non-factory body shop under warranty. Can't say I'm not extremely nervous, but I'm hoping I finally get the headliner issue solved with the annoying rattles that came with it, and it sitting on my head if I sat up straight.

Really bummed at the level of service I have received. From purchase to service, at two different Ram locations. I have been a Toyota customer my whole life, and while my Rebel trounces my old Tundras, at least the dealers and service were excellent.

I'll let you know the outcome in a couple days...
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Got my truck back. It's filthy as all hell, and I can't wash it for two days (and have to leave windows cracks and tape on the windshield) but I have it back, the headliner is replaced. Smells strangly of glue, but I imagine that will dissipate. Crazy how much higher the ceiling is! Never knew it was supposed to be that high.

Hopefully it stays and I don't worry about this again. What a 17k mile, year and a half, nightmare. Glad it appears to be over!

Just in time for me to drool over the 2019 introductions. Wow!
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