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Just picked up my Rebel earlier this year, it's a 2019. Only things done so far is black racing stripes and additional tint. I have booked to dark out the back windows and new rims and tires are a must. I am so glad so many people have amazing ideas and there are a lot more people driving these sweet trucks then I thought. Going to keep the stock rims and tires for the winter. I am so happy to be back in a truck and have switched from a Ford guy to a Dodge guy. Used to be in Ford Adrenaline Sport Track. Then was my trusty Journy that served its purpose well. The Rebel is great though.
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Had no idea it was a great off road vehicle, we have some great trails, and off road opportunities up north by the cottage. I use it for driving and style. I would be lying if I said otherwise lol.

Thanks for all the info, I will use a lot of it. I look forward to jumping on and seeing more picks of these finished products.

Mark from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1 - 1 of 145 Posts