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Took the Ram (and the wife…lol) to Pagosa Springs for the weekend. Typically, we would go up to Ouray/Telluride to check out the Aspens during this time of year but we were just there a few weeks ago so decided on Pagosa where we usually rent a small cabin situated right along the San Juan River where we can also do some catch and release trout fishing. Sorry for the low quality shots as I forgot my camera (again) and had to use my old cell phone.

Quick road shot in northern NM (looking past the bugs on the windshield…lol):

Few shots around the cabin (unfortunately, no mountain shots as the haze was intense due to the fires in Colorado and California):

Saw lots of geese and deer, and even heard a bear prowling around the cabin one night (found some bear paw prints on the front porch but no shots of the bear):

Unfortunately, the river was very low this Fall so that was disappointing (and you know how bad my fly fishing skills are when I can't catch any in a low flow river...lol):

Dusk shot from cabin:

Due to COVID, we really didn’t run into too many folks considering this is usually a hot spot for Fall visitors. We did manage to find a couple of outdoor places to enjoy some local brews and good food but mostly just spent the time driving around and relaxing at the cabin.

Also disappointing is we did not fit in any off-road adventures this time but have to admit it was great just chilling out.

Again, the Ram did great as a road-trip vehicle with plenty of power for passing slower vehicles on the uphill runs. This time, I averaged 16 mpg by end of the trip which I thought was pretty decent given the amount of mountain driving there and back with speeds ranging between 65-80 mph. Had I been able to trail some, I am sure the mileage would have been lower. The big Yokohama Geolander G003 MTs were very quiet and the B2 Fab exhaust had absolutely no drone to it; overall, a very quiet and comfortable ride.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts