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I found that the floor coolers don't keep stuff cool, lol. Literally, the ice would be gone and the water left would be warm within an hour in 80*+ weather.

SOoooo... I wrapped mine in foam/foil insulation and ran a zip tie around the top and bottom to make sure it stays on. Filled them up with waters and iced teas and crammed as much ice as would fit for a 10.5 hour road trip in ~85* clear sky heat (road was hot enough that the tar was soft)... coolers stayed nice and cold for 6 hours with ice mostly intact, at 8 hours ice was gone but the water (melted ice) and drinks were still cold.

Going to try another layer for the next road trip, but yeah... thought this might help someone.

I got the insulation from Lowes - Frost King foam/foil: Shop Frost King 0.125-in Foam Plumbing Pipe Wrap Insulation at Lowes.com. I used duct tape, not regular gray crappy duct tape, but actual foil tape for duct work. The zip ties were the huge 3' long one but had to double them up as they're about 1" too short, lol.
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