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Looking for after market headlight assembly recommendations for a 2017 Rebel.

I assume Mopar charges $155 more for a driver's-side headlight assembly than a passenger's-side since that side is probably more frequently involved in collisions based on the orientation of US roads; but, I can't justify $605 for a single headlight assembly when after market sets of headlights can be purchased for half that price.

Someone backed into my driver's-side headlight, and while it wasn't enough to damage the lens of the headlight (other than some scuffs), it broke the mounting tab on the headlight, as well as the mounting tab on the radiator support bracket (where the bottom of the headlight bolts to) and the bracket the back of the headlight assembly mounts to (how it broke all that but not the lens, I have no idea). So, in addition to replacing the headlight, I have to replace those brackets as well.

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It may be possible to get a couple little iron tabs and shape them to reinforce what you need to salvage what you got . I’ve done it may times on the old 70’s-90’s model trucks.
You can recreate the rough shape of the broken bracket fairly easily with less bracing (as your using metal) and bolt it to your headlight assy.
mother than that I’d try an eBay set. But when it comes to these things you really get what you pay for.
a cheap fast fix is not gonna be good
A good cheap fix is not gonna be fast
a good fix fast is not gonna be cheap.
Ya know, that ol chestnut.
many pics of the carnage?
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