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Well I just got my Rebel its a 2016 with 5.7 and the dealership deleted the air ride before I even saw the add.
I traded in my 2009 GMC Sierra that had served me very well over the last 7 years and I hope to get as much out of the Rebel.

I had pretty much eliminated looking at Rebels because of the Air ride woes especially up here in Winnipeg in the winter its cold and well I see after bombing around in here its really a common thing

So the dealership couldn't make the air ride alerts warnings and flashing lights go away so I guess that my job
Also looks like they used factory parts, So I definitely need a level up front.

So any suggestions? Any spacer I should avoid? and how high? it looks like it needs 3 but thats crazy right?

thanks in advance for anything you guys can let me know or things I should be looking for or stuff to do right away

Looking forward to being a part of the community
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