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Long story short, I got a free pair of leveling links from a fellow local Rebel owner.

Installed them last night in under 10 minutes. Piece of cake.

All I can say is ALL REBEL OWNERS SHOULD DO THIS. IMO, it made the ride BETTER than stock. I have a few bumps in my neighborhood that made the truck vibrate a few times when going over the bumps. The leveling links (Custom 3D parts LLC aka links for Ram) reduced it down to one moderate "bump" each bump in the road. It got it close to 1/2" from being perfectly level.

The stock 285s don't look horribly small, so I'll be happy with them until they wear out.

Best (free to me) mod I've done, albeit one of the few mods so far lol. The pics don't look as good as it does in person because my driveway is slightly sloped. I'll get some flat ground pics later today after work.



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