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Our original trip got cancelled, but we were able to Re-book for the following week. This is probably my favorite Camping trip we do. Luckily they had started reopening camping and the Truckee area in California. We were able to book for 3 nights instead of our original 4 because of all the people who were reserving spots...

Vehicle Car Tree Off-roading State park

This trip it was just me, the Wife, and the Kids.
Tree State park Wilderness Woody plant Forest

oh and the Dog too...
Mode of transport Vehicle Transport Car Tree

You can’t really beat the view from camp.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive tire Tire

it was a great trip and a much needed break from the house...
it was great getting to test all our new LED Solar Lighting and outdoor rug

Blue Black Darkness Lighting Light

Vehicle Car Mode of transport Automotive exterior

we even got an awesome storm that brought Thunder, Lightning, Hail, and rain
Wilderness Natural environment Tree Biome Forest

Now we are home and I’m still missing this view
Natural landscape Nature Wilderness Natural environment Tree

Nature Tree Wilderness Natural environment Atmospheric phenomenon

Sky Fog Mist Atmospheric phenomenon Nature

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I sold my camper after getting off the road work, sick of living in one. :ROFLMAO:

we haven’t been camping with the family in quite some time, but we recently bought a pontoon for $200 so now we are all trying to re-learn how to fish.
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Great pictures!! We were able to get out camping as well they opened the site we went to just on the 26th of June and we booked for Jun 28- Jul 3 and it was a great time away. Weather could have been better but it was camping so all was good!!
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