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I had an aftermarket shop install a set of Putco Dayliners so I could have white DRL's. In doing so they tapped into the headlight wiring assembly. (they didn't know that the DRL feature is non-functioning on our trucks) They did correct this by wiring the Dayliners to an ignition on 12v supply but the damage was done! Ever since then I get a "left turn signal out" alert even though the turn signal works fine. The only difference is the mirror blinker and dash blinker are very fast and there is the dash alarm showing the signal is out.

The original shop punted the issue and offered to pay to have the dealership find/repair the problem. The dealer turned me away saying they weren't going to touch the truck with ANY aftermarket components installed. I have gone to two other local shops and they can't find the solution either.

Any ideas? Any shop in the Chicago area (south burbs preferably) that you can recommend? I'll drive further if needed to get this corrected.

I also posted an issue with my dome lights that may or may not be related to this issue. Interior Dome Lights Work Intermittently
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