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Well let me first say how much I liked the REBEL, but I'm back into a new Challenger SRT....

Back in February I was looking for some custom stripes and was directed towards Joe... aka S1000rr. I reached out to joe and was very excited to get my custom Marine Corps striping done. Well after going back and forth with Joe, and reviewing mock drafts I decided on something. Well April 24th I sent joe a check for $105.00. He said he did not use paypal because he had, and I quote.... "Been burned in the past." How ironic that is, because this is the first time I have EVER been burned by a member of a forum I've been a part of.

So anyway, after several follow up requests, and facebook messages since then, I have only received (2) excuses and assurances they would be sent to me. July 29th is the last word I got from him. I have sent him several messages since as I have now moved but no reply. BUT I see posts by him on his facebook page. I really don't expect anything from this guy, but wanted to let everybody know about my experience with him. He has no ethical or moral responsibility so DONT SEND HIM YOUR MONEY!!!!!! Hopefully this does not just get deleted since it was one of the admins that referred me to him.

Merry Christmas to all... back to my SRT forum....
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