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New Grille

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I’ve always like the Rebel’s grille design, but one thing I have liked more is the way the rams look with a full open grille. I finally found a company that makes one for the rebel that didn’t break the bank, thanks Ebay

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Grille

I’m considering adding something behind the grille like some heavy duty outdoor netting to help it not be so see through

all in all I’m pretty happy with it
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updating/upgrading my driving lights
Automotive engine gasket Gas Auto part Automotive exterior Wire

so I decided to “Stealth” the lights
Which required a new bracket
Wood Rectangle Road surface Asphalt Flooring

nice having access to a bender…
Now in aluminum:
Road surface Plant Asphalt Wood Art

now I’m mounting the driving lights behind the grille
Eyewear Musical instrument accessory Automotive exterior Metal Fashion accessory

Automotive tire Gas Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

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Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side marker light Wheel Vehicle

with the lights off
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Grille

driving lights
Land vehicle Car Vehicle Tire Grille

and now the new lights secondary
Automotive parking light Vehicle Car Tire Grille
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finally got the new Amber lights installed

Electronic instrument Gas Audio equipment Electrical wiring Wire

Rectangle Automotive tire Road surface Asphalt Font

It’s always fun trouble shooting your own wire connections, but eventually I got it all sorted out

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Land vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light

here’s with the last of the ambers

Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Land vehicle Car

Wheel Tire Car Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light
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